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Learn forex trading

Forex trading is considered one of the most rewarding activities and it has the ability to make you a millionaire. However, one can only succeed in the forex market if they have the required knowledge and the ability to predict what the future holds. Traders enter the market in the hopes of making it big here but mostly end up on the losing side. If you are also looking to stat forex trading this year, you should look for complete guidance to ensure you don’t lose your hard earned money. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about forex trading to help you in a better way.


Select a Currency Pair

In the forex market, it is essential to know that the currencies are traded in pairs. The traders have to decide which currency pair they want to trade but this is a crucial decision to make. There are more than 65 currency pairs to choose from which makes it difficult to come up with the right decision. For new traders, it is highly suggested to always go for pairs that are safe. The reason is that in the money market, the prices of currencies keep on changing due to the higher volume of transactions. Moreover, you also need to have complete knowledge of both the currencies in the pair so that you may predict the upcoming trend wisely.


Choose the Platform

After you are done choosing the currency pair that you wish to trade, it is now time to selecting the trading platform from where you will trade. Today, there are numerous broker platforms offering forex trading. You have all the liberty to go for any platform that you find easy or valuable. Our recommendation to you would be to choose a platform that offers a demo account. A demo account can help you in the long run because it helps you learn forex trading in a realistic manner without investing your real money.


Type of Forex Trade

Forex trading can be done in multiple ways including Spot FX, Spread Betting, and CFDs. Each way of trading forex has its own pros and cons that can also affect the nature of trading. However, CFD is the most common type of Forex Trading where a quantity of CFD is traded in the unit of base currency. The base currency is mentioned on the left side in a currency pair.


Buy and Sell

After the above steps, it is now time to actually start trading. To begin with, you should know the current price of the currency you want to trade. There are multiple ways of doing it but the best way is through the price chart. The forex is quoted in terms of one currency in relation to the other. When the base currency strengths, it is the time to buy it and vice versa.


Monitor Your Trades

Last but not the least, as the trade opens, monitor your profit and loss that reflect with each move in the market. Once you want to close the trade, do the opposite of what you did while the trade was open.


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