• Trader interceptor and oanda

      Trade Interceptor Trade Interceptor is a good option for forex analysis. Through the mobile app, traders can quickly find and track the best currencies and stocks to invest in. The platform offers 14 advanced chart types complemented with 160 intelligence indicators and drawing tools. The mobile app of Trade Interceptor is loaded with exciting […]

  • Top Trading Apps to Download for a Better Trading Experience

    Top  Trading Apps to Download for a Better Trading Experience Due to the expansion of online business, people have all the opportunities to try their luck in just everything. Same goes for trading as well – if you have always wanted to be a trader but never tried it because it requires a plethora of […]

  • Introduction to Candlesticks Charts and How to Read Them

    Introduction to Candlesticks Charts and How to Read Them The roots of candlesticks chartsgo back to the 17th century when the Japanese began the use of technical analysis to trade rice. Although clear differences exist between the technical analysis of then and the one initiated by Charles Dow in the 1900s, a lot of principles […]

  • Profitable trading if you adopt these 4 Rules

    Majority of Forex traders think frequently why they lose in trading and why some traders continuously make profits. They always want to know the secret behind the success of some traders well the secret is that successful traders lose too and they do bad trading too but what makes successful traders different with other traders […]

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4) – What Makes it the Best Platform for Beginners?

    MetaTrader 4, a name that any new trader will surely come across, is one of the leading and highly popular trading platforms. Since its release in 2005, MetaTrader 4 has grown immensely catering to the requirements of traders of all levels. If you have decided to try your luck in the world of forex trading, […]

  • Checklist before Starting Day Trading Forex

    Forex Day Trading Explained Day trading forex is often used as a tool to avoid the fees for keeping a position for a longer period of time. These fees are also known as Swaps which is some cases are positive. The strategy of acquiring assets with positive Swaps is known as Carry Trade. Forex day […]

  • Forex Trading in 2019 – Expectations and Industry Trends

    2018, without a doubt, was indeed a great year for the forex industry as consistent growth and investment were witnessed. The analysts are also of the view the industry is heading in the right direction where legitimate trading environment would be available for the traders. Last year, there was a clear change in the industry […]

  • MetaTrader 4 – Complete Guide for Newbies

    In the world of forex trading, the opportunities are immense yet it is difficult to cling on the right one and make the most of it. You need the help of certain tools or charts that can allow you to make the right decision at the right time. Since technology has advanced to a certain […]

  • Automated Trading – Is it Worth Your Time & Consideration?

    •If you have been in the trading market for a long time, you might have come across this term automated trading. Automated trading platforms have really turned the world of trading upside down and over the past few years, there have been many new automated trading platforms that are making trading more profitable. Those who […]

  • Gold Price Near major ressistance, NFP Data will decide the trend

    Today’s Key Highlights Gold price started an upside correction from $1,266 against the US Dollar. There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $1,292 on the 4-hours chart of XAU/USD. The US Pending Home Sales increased 3.8% in March 2019, more than the 1.1% forecast. The Fed Interest Rate Decision is scheduled […]