Everything You Should Know About Forex Day Trading Before Starting Your Trade

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Forex Day Trading is the act of buying and selling of securities within a trading day. Day trading is best known in the context of stock trading but forex day trading is quite same too. In the forex market, the profits are higher but the rate of traders earning those profits is very less. If you want to avoid ending up with the 95 percent of traders who sustained heavy losses, you should have a fair amount of capital and the required knowhow of how this market functions. However, this is not enough. In a particular forex day trading session, the prices fluctuate heavily due to the large volume of transactions. What traders do is that they utilize the leverage for acquiring an asset and dispose it off when its price increases.


The Background of Forex Day Trading

Traders who are looking to keep a position for a longer period of time can also use day trading forex as a tool to avoid the fees associated with it. These fees are known as swaps which are mostly positive. This methodology of acquiring assets with positive swaps is known as carry trade. Forex day trading is a speculative activity but you can be certain that the market will function smoothly no matter what. The market generates its liquidity from the forex day traders.


Things You Need to Know About Forex Day Trading

Before you actually start investing in the forex market, there are several things that you need to know about this market. It will ultimately help you avoid heavy losses. Let’s begin:

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Master the Skills

Forex trading is not a walk in the park but requires a lot of knowledge. You have to learn the basics to achieve success. What you need to do is to start with a simple system that is based on trading charts following the price action. Being a new day trader, you need to get this system straight to have the right approach while ultimately achieving bigger success.


Stay Positive

Forex day trading is not for emotional people and this is the reason why the rate of losses in day trading is quite high as compared to the winning rate. Traders need to control their emotions and maintain a positive mindset so that they can think creatively. Even if you sustain some minor losses early on, there’s no need to panic. The forex market is always reaping profits and you can quickly recover your losses


Forex Trading is Technical

Forex day trading is a different ball game where you might feel that the ball is in your court but the reality is otherwise. In simple words, day trading is difficult but with a logical trading system, not only can you master it but earn more profits as well.


Shortcuts Don’t Work

A very common mistake a lot of new traders make is taking the help of robots to beat the market. However, in most cases, such traders end up on the losing side. When it comes to forex day trading, there is only one rule; step up or step aside. Try to learn it rather than taking the help of robots.


How to Trade in Forex Day Trading Market?

In the forex market, the currencies are traded in pairs. It is mandatory to have two currencies exchanged for all transactions. The main reason to do it in this way is to show the relation of one currency to the other. Forex day trading is quite different from how it is shown in the media. This is the reason why the experienced traders and analysts always emphasize on learning as much as possible about the forex market. Moreover, a new trader should know that there is a significant amount of risk involved in it as well.

The currencies are not shown in their full spellings but symbols are used which is assigned by the country itself of whose currency is being traded. The symbols are assigned because each country’s currency has its own value against the other. Each pair that comes in the market has its own market price that acts as an indicator of what amount of one currency is required to exchange against the other.

The currency rate can be determined using some very simple calculations. It is also worth mentioning that the market price of currencies keep on fluctuating because of the huge volumes of the transactions happening around the world. The price of the currencies is determined in pips which is the 4th decimal place found in a currency pair. The pairs move a lot in the market from 50 to 100 pips and these are used to help the traders understand how much they earned or lost during the day trading session.



If you are willing to try your luck in the forex market, it is highly suggested to learn the skills first and master the basics. In this regard, the directional currency on the price chart can help you. The directional currency indicates the movement of a specific currency on the price chart with reference to the other currency. For example; on a price chart, you can notice that the price of one currency in moving higher to the other currency.

There are also some brokers and trading platforms that offer day trading CFDs that can help you learn more about the business. The most recommended practice is to start with fake currency and get sufficient practice about the business. In this regard, the trading platforms are of great help – courtesy of the demo accounts that they offer. The best benefit of a demo account is that you can start trading with fake money and learn about the trading and its technicalities.

If you have made up your mind and want to start trading, the first thing you need to do is to learn about both currencies in the currency pair that you wish to trade in.