Forex Trading in 2019 – Expectations and Industry Trends


2018, without a doubt, was indeed a great year for the forex industry as consistent growth and investment were witnessed. The analysts are also of the view the industry is heading in the right direction where legitimate trading environment would be available for the traders. Last year, there was a clear change in the industry that saw crypto currencies rising to a whole new level and brokers introducing more bonus programs. All these changes created more interest among the new traders who showed willingness to try their luck in this risky yet rewarding industry.

As a noticeable period of 2019 has passed, it is a good time to evaluate how the rest of the year is going to be for the Forex industry and its stakeholders. As per this writing, the industry is highly under influence of numerous market forces which is leading to the implementation of new measures that drive the trends to change. Due to these changes, the traders are looking at different trading platforms to make sure they choose the best one out there. Besides looking at the forex indicator, you should know about the trends and latest practices being used in the industry.

Strict Rules Beneficial for Traders

As discussed, in 2018, new rules were introduced and implement which were quite strict having major focus on the digital currencies. In the Europe, the authorities made several attempts to devise some legal frameworks to guide and regulate the digital currencies. In addition to that, the authorities are also very much keen to provide a secure trading environment for the legit entities that will go a long way in paving way for small and big traders to trade safely regardless of their size. Safe to say that on the retail side, the future is quite promising for the traders.

Automated Market Shaping Up

The forex trading market is also not far away from the trend of automation. Just like other markets, this market is also adapting the automation trends. The reason is very simple; the amount of utility it offers to the users is beyond amazing. The major reason why the market is moving towards automation is that the costs are increasing drastically. Retail traders are using it as a tool to cope with the increasing costs and improve the profitability. Besides the cost factor, the fact that automation offers quick trades without disruptions cannot be denied as well.

Rise of Crypto currencies

One of the things to watch out for this year is surely going to be cryptocurrencies. They are well on to their way to be including well in the forex industry and with each passing day, it is happening already. Besides being traded in the forex industry, cryptocurrencies are also being used as a mode of payment. Some analysts are of the view that within the next 5 to 10 years, blockchain will evolve to a level where it will be used as a bridge among trading parties. It will also enhance the trading conditions giving a huge relief to the traders. The noticeable advancements in this technology are also giving more confidence to the traders to invest and trade this commodity. The best thing about cryptocurrencies is that they are available on almost all the trading platforms where not only can they be traded but used as a mode of payment as well. During the rest of the year, it is highly expected that they will be included in European legal framework

New Trading Trends to Expect in 2019

In the last year, the forex market became more civilized as the year progressed. There can be different reasons for it but the most obvious was the elimination of small companies from the market. Furthermore, traders have also become very smart in finding the right broker. The massive change in the approach to finding the best broker has been the preference of technology rather than bonuses and rewards. The growing use of cloud-based platforms is also helping to create a lot of opportunities to trade in a different financial market that was not even on the cards a few years back.

One of the noticeable things to happen in 2018 for the forex trading market was the growth in demand for the social trading services that help the traders to share the results of their trading activities with the beginner traders. As a result of this approach, new traders can learn about making it big through careful transactions. This trend is expected to grow further in 2019. Besides trading dollars, other commodities should also be considered.

Another massive trend to grow further this year is the algo trading, which is still not over yet. The major factor why this trend keeps on growing is the fact that it allows traders to use robots without any programming. Traders can easily automate their routine tasks and improve their profits. More and more new traders are keen to use this technology when they begin their trading careers.

How the Future’s going to be for Forex Trading?

Keeping in consideration the above discussion, it is quite evident that the future of forex trading market is quite bright and in 2019, it will rise to new heights. Here the European authorities deserve a fair amount of credit for devising a legal framework by making legislative changes for its implementation. For new traders, we have some good news. There will be more opportunities in this market to earn huge profits and make a name for yourself. New platforms will also emerge to facilitate the forex trading activities.

This year, besides other good things, small brokers will continue to take the exit door for offshore jurisdictions and the related markets will attract more clients through their reliability and dependency. The traders will maintain their focus on the available technologies that can facilitate their trading and help in automation to keep the risk factor at the minimum without even staying hooked to the laptop screens. If you are looking to making a fresh start in the forex industry, 2019 is going to be just the right year for you. So, just go out there and use the technologies in your favor.

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